A Younger Garry Jones in Front of His Apartment in Carvers Courts (Kinston, N.C.)

A Younger Garry Jones in Front of His Apartment in Carvers Courts (Kinston, N.C.)

Commentary By Garry Jones|

I was born in a bedroom not a hospital in Cavers Courts, Apt. 8-A; I remained in the apartment until I was two weeks shy of my 13th birthday. This is where my foundation began. My family and the community groomed me to be the man I am today. In my home we had to say ‘yes’ or ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘no’ and ‘no ma’am’ to the gate keeper (my grandmother).

Your parents and the community were the policemen, because they watched over the neighborhood. The real policemen had it easy back then. Unlike today, children were more disciplined back then. Most of this generation is out of control, a lot of parents and teachers are afraid of their children.

Remembering Carvers Courts:

Carvers Courts is located in small town Kinston, N.C. with a great number of successful people. If ever there was an altercation between us, we fought with our hands – not guns. A couple of hours after the altercation/fight would become friends again.

I loved growing up in Carvers Court especially during Christmas time. I could always feel the Christmas spirit. It was a wonderful feeling. Our family was popular in Carvers Courts; we always had lots of company over to the house.

My friends used to come over and say, “Man how did you all get so many presents under that tree.” The presents under the tree came almost to the top of the tree; that’s how many presents there were. My brother and I received at least fifteen presents a piece. Whatever we wanted for Christmas we would get.

A Demolished Section of Carvers Courts

A Demolished Section of Carvers Courts

Demolishing My Birth Place:

Carvers Courts, a place I once called home, the city is demolishing one of the apartments where I was born. Normally when a decision is made to demolish apartment buildings the reason is because it is dilapidated. In this case, citizens are told ambulance, firemen and emergency vehicles can’t get through because the driveways are too small.  Really!?!?!

When I was growing up the emergency vehicles drove through the driveways with no problem.  The strangest thing is the other housing authority buildings are not being demolished and they have similar blueprints as Carvers Court. Hmmmmm.

Could other apartments such as Richard Green, Mitchell Wooten, Simon Bright and etc be next? The answer is yes, one row of apartments in Mitchell Wooten has already been demolished. People are still on the waiting list to move in housing authority. The government spent a lot of money in the last couple of years beautifying the buildings in Carvers Courts and now they are tearing them down, something in the milk is not clean.

The Takeover:

Carvers Courts is located near the downtown area in my hometown and a lot of money is being spent to beautify the area which only leads me to believe in the next five years Carvers Courts will be prime property and the minorities will be forced out. It is likely condominiums and townhomes will be built where Carver Courts used to be. Once this is done the crime rate will lower or there is no crime at all. This type of action is going on in cities across the country. Pushing minorities out of prime areas – it’s called the takeover.

Garry in Front of His Old Apartment 8-A in Carvers Courts - About to be Demolished

Garry in Front of His Old Apartment 8-A in Carvers Courts – About to be Demolished

Takeover Examples:

1. When the Washington Redskins (NFL Football team) left Washington, D.C. the team moved to Landover, Maryland; two miles from where my mother used to reside. The majority of the property in Landover was purchased and sold; most of the area was demolished.  Whenever I returned to visit those old neighborhoods, there are now a half million dollar townhomes, condominiums, and houses; the majority of the minorities that were in the Landover had to relocate.

2. When I was staying in Washington, D.C. in 1987 it was named the murder capitol of the United States.  A couple of years ago the D.C. government  implemented a plan; they offered the less fortunate citizens government housing vouchers to move to Maryland, primarily Prince George’s County. As for those who ‘owned’ their homes, the government offered to buy them out for 2 or 3 times more than it was worth in order to take over the land. Yes, D.C.’s crime rate is going down because of these moves, but is moving the minorities out the only solution?

A person is entitled to do whatever they want with their homes. If I resided in Washington, D. C. and the government offered me two or three times the money my home was worth and I felt comfortable moving, I would do the same thing.

My Point:

The point I’m trying to make is whenever the government want something that could mean millions of dollars for them, they will give you an offer you can’t refuse. If you don’t comply they will find another way. For example:

During the Thanksgiving holidays, a buddy of mines who is retiring from the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) said,

“I was looking at the news and an elderly woman was being interviewed who resided in Washington, D.C. the Government was putting pressure on her to sell her home but she refused. Now the government has increased the value of her home so high that it is almost impossible for her to pay the property taxes on the home.”

It should be noted that the elderly lady is retired and lives on a fixed income. She can’t afford to pay the high property taxes = takeover. These types of takeovers are happening in all the big cities and trickling down to the small cities like Kinston, North Carolina.

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