Michel'le Toussant - R&B Singer

Michel’le Toussant – R&B Singer

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“I have a book coming out which I’m throwing the title around until it hits me…what I want to call it); and right now I’m shooting a reality TV show called, R&B Divas L.A. The cast includes Shante’ Moore, Lil Mo, Dawn Robinson and Claudette Ortiz and of course myself. The acting thing is coming full circle…I think people (that see the reality show) are going to be quite surprised,” shares R & B Singer Michel’le of her upcoming projects.

Michel’le Toussant is a very warm spirited woman; in speaking with her it almost feels as though she needs protection but when she sings it’s another thing! Interesting how she speaks one way but sings another.

Michel’le originally signed to Eazy-E’s Ruthless Record label that released her self-titled debut album, “Michel’le in 1989. Her debut album which was entirely produced by Dr. Dre, contained the classic “No More Lies” also hit singles “Nicety” and “Something in my Heart”. The album Michel’le sold over 1.5 million copies and generated two music videos for the singles from the album.

She is known for an undeniably high-pitched voice that is surprisingly powerful when she sings. Music has always been in her life but Michel’le was surprised when she came to understand that she could actually make a living by singing.

“I simply love music and singing; I didn’t really know you could make a living at it. I was just kind of doing what I wanted to do…just picked something but I learned I could make a living at it,” Michel’le shares.

Not letting anything hold her back, Michel’le has the ‘muscle’ to stand and work with her natural talents and abilities, whether it’s the dedication concert for Teena Marie or working on new areas in her life; one thing remains the same, she is determined to not be held back.

michel'le After the persistence of Playwright Derrell Lawrence, Michel’le tapped into another area of talent – acting. At first, she resisted the idea, but eventually she gave consideration to becoming an actress and moved forward. She currently has a role in the play Do You Trust Your Best Friend and is en route of a reality show – R & B Diva’s L.A.

“Derrell called my manager and he said, ‘I am doing this play and I would like you to be this character name ‘Olivia’ in my play’.  At first I told my manager, no I don’t think so….but he kept calling; Derrell was like ‘I know you can do it’. So I went on and I flew out there (Alabama) and did it. Derrell is a great teacher and he was very patience with me.  I started liking it and I was like I can do this – he asked me to come back (for another show) and I said, Yeah this is fun!”

Regarding the play, “Come out and see the play because it’s really funny and it makes you think do you trust your best friend. It’s really a good play and when people come out they really enjoy it. (In the play) it’s like the twist you never think,” says Michel’le.

When it comes to her new projects; she has new beautiful songs en route, R & B Divas Los Angeles and so much more!

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SUNDAY, JULY 7: R&B Divas LA Season One Premiere, “Lights, Cameras, Divas” – Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Lil Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le, and Dawn Robinson come together as the R&B Divas LA. These West Coast Divas attempt to take over the City of Angels with new deals, new drama, and new directions for their careers and their lives. The Divas are coming together for a secret project showcasing their talents, trials, tribulations, and most of all triumph. Success is the only option for these 6 friends — but is there room for all of them at the top? (Available on VOD)

WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 10PM/ET: R&B Divas LA Season One Premiere, “Lights, Cameras, Divas” (TV One Network Premiere)




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